Teaching Faculty

Teaching is society’s most important occupation. It is the only profession dedicated to making the world a better place for future generation by focusing energy and attention on our most precious resources- children and youth. And teachers have the opportunity to influence the lives of individuals regardless of their ethnicity, cultural background, sound economic status or ability level. As such teaching becomes the one profession that makes all the other professions possible. With that as a guiding principle,RKMSS School boasts of a faculty that includes experts from all academics and co-curricular fields. Highly qualified and dedicated, they are duly equipped to educate students to higher levels of learning so that they can bravely confront the worldly challenges.

Higher educational standards, greater accountability for students and a diverse student population pave way for a plethora of discussions and explanatory sessions that demand regular feedback from students in the form of class presentations, projects, interactions and competitions. Keeping in mind that the information is expanding at an unprecedented rate where there is an ever growing explosion of information on a daily basis, upgradation of knowledge becomes imperative. With the help of numerous inservice courses, seminars, workshops and conferences, the management ensures that the knowledge base of the institution conforms to the latest techniques and trends in education.

The School pays salary and admissible allowances to the staff not less than the corresponding categories of employees in the Delhi Government schools.

Staff List