About Us

Your vision guides us as we build the future of the country by educating the generations to come. You will forever live on as a warm glow in our hearts and your vision will be the path upon which we travel."

R.K. MEMORIAL SR. SEC. SCHOOL established in 1997 is a recognized school to C.B.S.E., governed by the rules, regulation and curriculum of C.B.S.E. and is run under the aegis of the “Shri Ram Educational & Welfare Society (Regd.)” under the brilliant guidance of the Chairman, Sh. Narender Krishan Sharma. The school aims to achieve perfection through its fundamental motive of moulding the growing generation of the nation, through impeccable training in education, as well as environment. It is his dedication and devotion, at this hour, that shall reap for us, an illustrious future, that shall illuminate not only our hearts, but the entire nation. The school curriculum includes NCERT texts based on the latest pattern meant to test the scholastic as well as creative abilities of the students. In a stress free environment, thereby ensuring continuous holistic development.

School Motto

The RKMSSS logo encapsulates the vision and the mission of the school. The figure seeks to capture the way in which their experience at the School will enable students to discover for themselves the essential unity of human knowledge. Central to the School’s educational philosophy is the belief that experience cannot be compartmentalized if a child is to grow personally, socially and ethically to lead the society on the righteous path. Beginning with the yellow figure and working in a clockwise directions it says.
‘Tamso Maa Jyotiregamya’ i.e.
‘Take me away from darkness to the light of knowledge’ &
in An anti-clockwise direction it says ‘Live to Serve’ O