Welcome to R.K.Memorial Sr. Sec. School

"Your vision guides us as we build the future of the country by educating the generations to come. You will forever live on as a warm glow in our hearts and your vision will be the path upon which we travel."

About school

R. K. Memorial Sr. Sec. School is a part of the evolutionary Shri Ram Educational & Welfare society Movement - a movement having the mission of imparting quality education. The foundation stone of the school was laid with the benign hands of late Shri Kali Ram Sharma , the visionary founder of the school, in the presence of Shri Narender Krishan Sharma, Chairman of the school, Smt. Sunita Sharma, Managing Director of the school Read More...

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  • Chairman

    Mr. Narender Krishan Sharma

    I am proud to say that in RKMSSS we have created one such oasis where our students’ along with the three R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) are also taught the 4 T’s of Trust, Truth, Tolerance and Tenacity. They are taught to respect and obey their elders, care for those younger to them and show fortitude and self control towards their peers. hey are taught not to bow under peer pressure but show perseverance when they know they are Read More...

    Managing Director

    Mrs. Sunita Sharma

    We have stepped into a world where the horizons are unlimited. At one end of the spectrum is nano technology where the entire communication system proposes to be of the size of an air molecule, and at the other are the new frontiers vanquished in space travel. The changing times have spelt corresponding changes in the upbringing and development of the child. Children have to be guided and encouraged to do Read More...

  • Director

    Mr. Akash Sharma

    Education is for the total development of a child. Learning takes place in all walks of life, directly sometimes and sometimes indirectly.What and how much learning has taken place needs a system of evaluation to determine which can be subjective,or objective; qualitative or quantitative. The society earlier gave importance to learning than to evaluation.It was very clearly and correctly understood by our education planners in particular and society in general that learning was the chief Read More...


    Ms Usha Malik

    Educational institutions are expected to be the centre of creativity and innovation, generating new ideas, creatings new designs, printing paradigms and constantly nurturing, developing and evolving. The whole process creates a new generation of happy and healthy children who eventually grow up to be responsible students of global society. We, at RKMSS, never lose sight of this vital aspect of education. I firmly believe that Education should foster confidence, discipline, clarity in thought Read More...